moving my website from an Apple hosting site to Zenfolio.  I wasn’t able to maintain the same design but I think the new one showcases the images a bit better. (Perhaps it’s the high contrast black background.)  The Terezin Gallery is now much easier to read (it’s a PDF) and I’ve set up a separate portfolio for a few, select images from the camp.

This past weekend I sailed as crew on “Intrepid”, the 1967 and 1972 defender of the America’s Cup, in a regatta sponsored by Mystic Seaport Museum.  We raced (and I mean truly “raced”) against 4 other yachts, each of them famous and beautiful in their own right: American Eagle, Nefertiti, Weatherly and Columbia.  Intrepid is particularly famous for the fact that she was the last wooden-hulled 12 meter (and thus the last of the “old” era 12 meters) but the first to have a split fin keel with trim tabs (and thus the first of the modern era boats.)  20 knot winds, rail to the water and sunshine galore – a beautiful day and wonderful experience.  The best part?  Taking the helm for a short spell.