There are a couple of newcomers to my portfolios.  You’ll notice that these are in color and that I didn’t give in to my temptation to convert the world to black & white. Though the one with the sailboats racing would lend itself nicely to being treated to look vintage – a variation which I might still apply – the image would have failed to convey how clear blue the sky was. Turning to the confrontation among the birds, color is required first to convey the brilliance of their plumage and second to distinguish them from a fairly busy/detailed background.  Otherwise, without the careful use of filters, a monochromatic treatment would cause the image to look “flat”,  the varied hues undifferentiated and the birds lost in the background. Finally, with respect to the Intrepid block, the rusted bolt ends form a interesting “blossom” of color against the cold black rubber and stainless steel of this sailing hardware . . . a poor imitation of Nature, but having a beauty of its own nonetheless.